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A Tree Is Nice Book Activities

Our first week back to school was a little bit challenging for both Owie and I. We had to find our rhythm after being off all summer but near the end of the week, we started to get into the swing of things.

Speaking of swings... did you know trees are nice because you can hang a swing in them? And who doesn't love to swing?

This week we enjoyed reading the book A Tree Is Nice by Janice May Udry. It is a children's picture book filled with all of the reasons why trees are nice - from shade to nap in, to trees giving us food for our tummies. Owie's favorite part was raking leaves in the fall and having a bonfire. Mostly the bonfire part because he loves to make smores.

Here are a few activities we did about trees as well as a few links to other ideas.

Remember Who You Are

No sooner did I hit the “enter” button on my keyboard did I have a knot in the pit of my stomach. Tears began to well up in my eyes and my face began to feel flushed. I swallowed the large lump that was in my throat and rolled my shoulders back to puff out my chest.

It was in that moment that I heard the words, “Remember who you are”.

I dropped my head and said, “But God, this person has said something that really hurt my soul. Do they not understand what our family has been through over the last five years and why they deserve my anger in response to their comment?”

I heard those four words again, this time a little louder than the last, “Remember who you are”.

My mind raced back to the early morning hour of fellowship I shared with The Lord yesterday and I remembered a verse I posted on my social media account from my studies.

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” Matthew 12:34

Come One, Come All - It's Party Time!

When our youngest son, Owen, turned five we celebrated with a circus/carnival themed party.

I made myself a promise that I had to make the decor, games, and favors myself or buy them from The Dollar Store. I had a budget and I was sticking to it.

Lucky for me, my husband is a graphic designer so he was able to make all of the favor bag labels and table and booth signs for me.

I really enjoyed finding fun prizes for the goodie bags.

DIY: Circus/Carnival Favor Containers

Since Pinterest launched in 2010, it has been helping mamas become super crafty party planners and has been giving daddies indigestion from dealing with all of mama's need for craftiness and home decor updates. I am no different than the other millions of mamas that have been hooked on Pinterest since day one. So when our youngest son, Owen, turned 5 it was only normal to turn to Pinterest for party ideas. Out came the craft supplies and birthday parties haven't been the same since.

Zuppa Toscana Soup at Home?

I don’t know about you but I love my Crock-Pot. For many years, I had a hand-me-down slow cooker from my grandmother but this past Christmas I received a brand new 7-quart Crock-Pot and I’m in LOVE. It is probably my favorite item in our kitchen. I can fit a whole chicken and the fixings in it and still have plenty of room for all of those delectable juices to make gravy. It is so convenient and easy to use - not to mention it makes you look super fab when your sweetie gets home and you have this amazing meal already prepared and the mess cleaned up.

10 FREE Dinosaur Preschool & Kindergarten Study Units

My son used to love anything and everything that had to do with Dinosaurs, so if there was a way for me to include it into his daily homeschool, I certainly tried to! My goal was to keep his interest as much as possible, and sometimes, all it takes is a little "rawr" in the day!

Below are a few links to resources that you can use for your fellow dinosaur loving PreK or Kindergarten student. Some of these we used this year and some we will be using next year (I especially can't wait to use the Creation based one!).

Most of these Dinosaur activities are simply that, just regular learning (ABCs, 123s, prewriting, writing, reading, etc) with Dinosaur photos, clip art, and interaction; with the exception of the Creation based Dinosaur curriculum packet.

**Please click on each link below to see previews of each curriculum. Do not simply go by the title and description. I have added a "my notes" section to some of these that I felt the need to comment on.**